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Founded in 2000 by Julia Finnis-Bedford, Amazing Spaces is a dynamic enterprise comprising two divisions: Amazing Spaces Locations and Amazing Spaces Lifestyle Investments. Originating from Julia’s background as a freelance stills producer in the film industry, Amazing Spaces has become a leading force in connecting global film crews with exclusive South African properties. Their portfolio includes everything from rare designer homes in American, English or ultra-modern styles to expansive private farms, fostering a reputation built on values of integrity, fun, and positive impact.

In parallel, Amazing Spaces Lifestyle Investments caters to high-net-worth clients seeking bespoke residential properties for both lifestyle and income opportunities. With over 20 years of experience, they specialize in diverse offerings such as beach houses, winelands villas, and architecturally stunning homes. 

Julia, an enthusiastic visionary, drives the brand forward with a passionate team, embracing challenges in locations for shoots, properties for sale, and cutting-edge property development or renovation projects. Grounded in the belief of doing what you love and empowering people, Amazing Spaces remains a trusted name in the film industry and lifestyle investments, consistently delivering exceptional services and embracing new opportunities.


Julia Finnis-Bedford

Julia Finnis-Bedford

Owner and Founder

Meet Julia Finnis-Bedford, the visionary behind Amazing Spaces since its inception in 2000. She’s not just a business owner; she’s an Enneagram 7 – the ‘Enthusiastic Visionary’ whose boundless passion has driven the success of Amazing Spaces. Julia recognized the potential for a location agency when none existed, and her fervent love for all things property, from shoot locations to real estate, fuels her drive for challenges and projects.

With over two decades of industry experience, Julia is a seasoned expert in marketing exquisite locations for film and photoshoots, along with offering premium investment opportunities through Amazing Spaces Lifestyle Investments. Her journey into this field began against the backdrop of her parents founding The Cellars Hohenort  (originally The Cellars Country House) in 1983. Inherited from her mother, Julia possesses an innate understanding of lifestyle, hospitality, and aesthetics. However, her passion for real estate transcends marketing; she successfully transforms properties, ventures into various residential investments, and turns them into lucrative income-generating assets. 

Julia derives immense joy from overseeing construction teams, witnessing unremarkable spaces transform into stunning ones. Her commitment to continuous learning, building connections, and engaging with people is evident through her role on the Board of the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation. Additionally, she embarked on the empowering venture “Mama Bongi,” creating employment opportunities and helping aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goals through delectable choc chip cookies. Managing her residential property development in the picturesque Constantia area, Julia remains optimistic and forward-focused, an infectious force known for making things happen.  

Beyond her professional pursuits, Julia finds solace in activities such as running, indulging in a swim at Dalebrook pool, and cherishing moments with her family, especially her beloved grandchildren. 

Julia’s Latest Favourite Location is Nimano in Noordhoek.  If Julia had an unlimited budget and were to build a home, she envisions it looking like “Nimano.” She adores the architecture with its glass extending into the apex of the roof, the natural stone accents, the warmth of the wood, and the spectacular views that encompass the sea and mountain. The beautiful flat garden, a rare find, adds to its charm, along with the exquisite rimflow pool. “Nimano” ticks all the boxes for Julia and is a location she holds in high regard. 

Having travelled extensively, Julia is always struck by the sheer beauty of Cape Town. The city boasts an array of natural wonders, from sun and sea to mountains and forests. The green belts allow for a wonderful outdoor lifestyle, complemented by some of the best restaurants offering affordable, out-of-this-world food in spectacular locations. Cape Town also boasts the finest coffee shops, clean and fresh air, and a well-run and maintained city. It’s a place that captivates with its allure and multifaceted charm. 

Hayley Agnew

Hayley Agnew

General Manager

Hayley, affectionately known as “H,” has been the backbone of Amazing Spaces for over 15 years. Her journey with us began at the tender age of 25 when she joined our team, and since then, she’s been an indispensable force within the company. 

Before her incredible tenure with Amazing Spaces, Hayley was in the process of discovering her path in life. She dabbled in various roles after starting a psychology degree, but her heart led her to the film industry. Fast forward to today, and Hayley stands as a true veteran in the field. 

In her personal life, Hayley shares her world with her husband, Sven, a software engineer in the financial sector, and her two spirited daughters, Emily and Anna. Family is at the core of her life, and she cherishes every moment spent with her loved ones. 

But what drives Hayley to excel in her role at Amazing Spaces? It’s a combination of her love for productivity, a keen mind that thrives on challenges, and an innate ability to connect the dots. She’s dedicated to ensuring that clients’ needs are not just met but exceeded, making their projects a resounding success. And, of course, there’s her deep affection for the camaraderie within our team, where work feels like play. 

Outside of work, Hayley’s idea of fun is spending quality time with friends and family. They often host lunches, creating cherished memories together. When she’s not busy with gatherings, you’ll find her on the Alphen Greenbelt, enjoying the serenity of nature with her little ones. 

Hayley’s favourite location? It changes regularly, but at the moment, she’s smitten with “Woodland Wonder. This property has captured her heart with its modern charm and lush garden. The owners’ warm hospitality and a recent renovation have transformed it from a retro gem into a modern masterpiece. 

As for Cape Town, Hayley adores the city’s versatility. From its beautiful beaches and majestic mountain to vibrant shopping malls and serene promenades, there’s always something exciting to do. Cape Town’s diverse offerings ensure that every day is an adventure waiting to unfold.

Renee Stopforth

Renee Stopforth

Client Service, New Locations Expert

With over 17 years of dedicated service, Renee Stopforth brings a profound understanding of market dynamics and an acute sense of which locations resonate within the industry. In her role as Client Service and New Locations Expert, Renee serves as the face of Amazing Spaces, personally visiting clients on set, and adeptly managing their unique requirements. Her exceptional people skills, coupled with a talent for finding the best locations, embody the passion that defines the Amazing Spaces brand. 

Renee’s journey with the Amazing Spaces group started initially as a location consultant. Today, she is our representative on the road, procuring amazing locations for shoots and recently expanding her involvement into our investment division. Holding a BA from Rhodes University with majors in Drama and Sociology, Renee is currently pursuing her counselling diploma part-time through SACAP, reflecting her commitment to personal growth.  

Beyond her professional pursuits, Renee is passionate about personal development and can often be found on a silent retreat or in a meditation circle somewhere fantastical. A committed mother and wife, Renee cherishes moments spent with her daughter Hannah and has a weakness for indulging in Kirsten’s Ice cream in her leisure hours. 

Renee’s favourite shoot location is Sweet Spring because of its whimsical beauty and the fact that it’s a replica of one of Marie Antoinette’s homes.  Her favourite place in Cape Town is the lush and celebrated Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.

Benita Slabbert

Benita Slabbert

Business Insights & Accounts

In her pivotal role as Bookkeeper, Benita, affectionately known as “B,” is the guardian of precision and detail, making her an indispensable pillar in managing our financial accounts. Behind her quiet and observant demeanor lies a wealth of expertise that brings stability and reliability to our financial processes.  

Before joining the Amazing Spaces family, Benita spent four years as an independent contractor, specialising in Business Process Improvement and Implementation. Her professional journey has been marked by a commitment to excellence and a drive to enhance operational efficiency. 

In her personal life, Benita shares her world with her 10-year-old daughter and a lively Jack Russell companion. Together with her partner, they reside in the picturesque Deep South of Cape Town, surrounded by nature’s beauty. 

Benita’s “WHY” is an ongoing journey of self-discovery, a quest to uncover her passions and purpose. She has a profound love for experiences and the application of knowledge. For her, the possibilities emerge when creativity and courage are woven together with a deep understanding of business operations. Her commitment to Amazing Spaces’ values shines through in her daily contributions to the company, as she sees the vital role it plays in contributing to South Africa’s economy.  

When it’s time to unwind outside of work, Benita finds solace in the great outdoors, exploring the wonders of her local area and experiencing the vibrant tapestry of Cape Town with friends. However, some of her most cherished moments are spent at home, enjoying the simple pleasures of life with her family. 

Benita’s favourite Amazing Space? It’s “Corymbia in Stellenbosch. She’s captivated by the rich palette of colours, intricate textures, and distinctive shapes that define the property. The garden, with its natural beauty, and the stoep that offers a mesmerising view of the mountains, make it a place of serenity and inspiration. 

As for Cape Town, Benita is enamoured with the city’s unique blend of nature, mountains, and sea. It’s a place where the beauty of the outdoors is a constant source of wonder and joy. 

Cailynn 'Cay' Petersen

Cailynn 'Cay' Petersen

The Heartbeat of Amazing Spaces

Welcome to the world of Cay, our Admin Assistant par excellence. Cay’s blend of professional expertise and a deep commitment to community enrichment makes her a standout member of the Amazing Spaces team. A proud Desmond Tutu Youth Fellow, her journey from reception and administration to becoming an integral part of our team is nothing short of inspiring. 

Cay’s role is multifaceted, intertwining meticulous management of processes and systems with a personal touch that adds life to our operations. Her proficiency in image management and content uploads is matched only by her dedication to ensuring flawless execution of every task. But it’s her innate ability to connect with people that truly sets her apart. Whether it’s a warm, friendly phone call or her proactive approach to team interactions, Cay’s presence brings a sense of harmony and efficiency to our workplace. 

Beyond her professional prowess, Cay’s personal life is a tapestry of passions and hobbies. She cherishes her time with family and her partner, finding joy in culinary explorations and treasuring moments with their beloved dogs. Adventure calls to Cay in the form of exhilarating road trips, each journey a story waiting to be discovered. 

Cay’s affection for Woodland Wonder  encapsulates her appreciation for beauty and transformation. She sees it not just as a property, but as a sanctuary where modern elegance and tropical allure converge, creating a perfect setting for memorable gatherings. 

Cape Town, for Cay, is more than a city – it’s a symbol of home. The awe-inspiring view of Table Mountain is a reminder of her connection to this vibrant city, with its stunning beaches and majestic landscapes. 

 In Cay, we see more than an Admin Assistant; we see a beacon of positivity, a nexus of professional dedication and personal warmth. Her presence at Amazing Spaces doesn’t just add value; it brings a spirit of camaraderie and passion that is infectious. Cay is not just part of our team; she is part of our heart, the very essence of what makes Amazing Spaces a remarkable place to be. 

Claudia Mauderer

Claudia Mauderer

Marketing Manager

Claudia Mauderer, our dynamic Marketing Manager, injects vibrant energy into the team with her passion and enthusiasm. As an award-winning photographer and social media expert, she has transformed our content creation, aligning it seamlessly with our brand promise. Claudia’s fresh perspective, boundless creativity, and bold suggestions have played a pivotal role in the evolution of Amazing Spaces, contributing to its success in the industry for over 23 years. 

A creative soul with a dual heritage, Claudia proudly embraces both Germany and South Africa in her journey as a professional photographer and marketer. Over the past 5 years, she has immersed herself in the world of captivating imagery and strategic marketing. Claudia’s academic journey led her to a BA Degree in Visual Communications, majoring in Photography. This discipline ignited her artistic spark and honed her skills in visual storytelling. 

Claudia’s passion for photography traces back to humble beginnings when she picked up her grandfather’s old Minolta 35mm film camera—a timeless relic that sparked her fascination with the art of capturing moments in time. Beyond the classroom, her work has taken her on exhilarating adventures across borders, garnering international recognition and gracing the walls of prestigious galleries in Paris and London. 

While Claudia thrives in the fast-paced digital realm, she is equally at home in the serene embrace of the mountains. Here, she disconnects to find inspiration and reconnect with her creativity. With a diverse portfolio spanning both B2B and B2C, Claudia is fueled by collaborative, people-centered projects. Whether capturing the essence of a brand through the lens or crafting marketing strategies that resonate, Claudia is here to make the journey extraordinary.  

Claudia’s favourite shoot location is Orion in Constantia.  Representative of a bygone era, imposing dual staircases give Orion an authentic classic feel, steeped in history.  Her favourite thing about Cape Town is the warmth and friendliness of the people, and the feeling of home captured and symbolised by vistas of the iconic Table Mountain.

Julia Torrente

Julia Torrente

Lifestyle Investment Consultant

Julia, affectionately known as Jules, embarked on her professional journey in the health and wellness industry, where she cultivated a passion for promoting well-being. Transitioning seamlessly into the realm of sales and marketing within the industrial sector, she discovered a knack for building meaningful connections. 

 In 2003, Jules earned her qualification as an agent, inspired by her mother’s enduring legacy in the real estate field. With real estate coursing through her veins, having grown up surrounded by the world of property, she joined forces with her mother to create a formidable team. Together, they dedicated several years to selling homes in Johannesburg, fostering a partnership that endured until her mother’s well-deserved retirement after more than three decades as an agent.  

Since her relocation to Cape Town, Jules has brought her wealth of experience to some of the most prominent real estate agencies spanning the Southern Peninsula. Her unwavering passion for her role as an agent is palpable, finding immense joy in orchestrating seamless transactions that leave both sellers and buyers profoundly satisfied. Jules perceives herself as a matchmaker, diligently committed to ensuring that the connection between a buyer and their dream home is nothing short of perfect. 

In every interaction, Jules brings an innate drive, maintaining the utmost professionalism, and consistently going the extra mile for her clients. Beyond the realm of real estate, she values quality time with her family and friends. Jules embraces the splendid natural beauty of Cape Town through outdoor adventures, finding solace and inspiration in the breathtaking landscapes that surround her. 

Reese Van Niekerk

Reese Van Niekerk

Lifestyle Investment Consultant

Bringing a keen understanding of the intricacies that elevate the real estate experience, Reese Van Niekerk is dedicated to ensuring her clients experience sophistication firsthand. Her expertise lies in catering to a select niche market, where she adeptly handles the needs of discerning buyers and sellers in the real estate realm. 

At the heart of Reese’s approach are principles of transparency and the cultivation of enduring relationships with her clients. She believes in going beyond transactions, striving to create meaningful connections that stand the test of time. Reese’s commitment to providing an exceptional real estate journey is reflected in the personalized attention she affords each client, ensuring their unique needs are met with precision and care. 

Outside the world of real estate, Reese finds joy in savouring delectable meals at beachfront establishments, where the rhythm of the waves complements the culinary delights. Her love for capturing the beauty of the surrounding landscapes through her camera lens is a testament to her appreciation for the aesthetic allure of the world around her. 

Reese’s triumphs in the real estate industry are firmly grounded in the loyalty of her clientele, who appreciate her commitment to excellence. Word-of-mouth recommendations and repeat business are a testament to the trust she instils in those she serves. As Reese continues to navigate the dynamic real estate landscape, her passion for creating exceptional experiences for her clients remains unwavering. 

Tertia Barnett

Tertia Barnett

Full Status Property Practitioner

Having grown up immersed in the property industry with a father specializing in property development and sales, Tertia’s passion for real estate started early. Prior to her venture into sales she specialised in the Marketing and Advertising field, which she attributes to being one of the reasons for her successful sales career. It allowed her to refine her skills in strategic marketing allowing her to consistently meet the briefs of many prominent clientele. About two decades ago she embarked on her sales journey, initially training 700 sales agents across the country on Fractional ownership, which at the time was a relatively new concept in the world of property development. This also further developed her skills in public speaking and paved the way for her current role as a professional real estate agent. Her sales history spans the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town, where she worked predominantly with one of the leading real estate brands.
Her emphasis lies in cultivating long-term client relationships built on trust; effective communication; service excellence; professionalism and expertise. She loves the quote by Patricia Fripp which states the following; “You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise’’. Adapting to industry dynamics; staying informed about market trends and adjusting strategies accordingly are essential aspects of her approach. Her attention to detail, professionalism and service record go beyond the realm of just ‘’selling’’. She believes that selling and buying a home is more than just a mere transaction. It is often one of the most important investments one will make, so the expertise of an experienced agent is pivotal along with effective interpersonal skills.
Apart from selling, she has an absolute love for the bush! The sounds and smells of the bush whilst sitting around a blazing fire is hard to beat in her opinion. This is her ‘’happy place’’ where she truly unwinds. She also loves weekend getaways with her husband and daughter as it gets her out of the hustle and bustle of the city. Family is exceptionally important to her and she treasures time spent with them.
Genevieve Storm Lewington

Genevieve Storm Lewington

Operations Manager

Genevieve Storm Lewington’s journey into the world of real estate took an unexpected turn, deviating from her initial plan of pursuing a career in engineering. Opting for a new trajectory, she pursued both an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Property Studies at the University of Cape Town. This educational pivot ignited a profound passion within her for numbers, investments, and the enhancement of operational efficiency and service quality.  

Genevieve’s commitment extends beyond personal growth; she is deeply dedicated to nurturing the skills and knowledge of our team. Her ultimate goal is to lead the team towards excellence in the real estate industry. In addition to her primary role, she serves as our in-house graphic designer, ensuring that our sales and marketing materials consistently embody our brand identity. 

 With a background specializing in sectional title properties, Genevieve’s expertise was shaped by her family’s involvement in property management and collaboration with a respected director from a prominent property company before joining our team. Her diverse experience equips her to navigate the intricacies of real estate with finesse. 

In her personal life, Genevieve wears multiple hats as a fitness coach at Rise Studios. Her fervent passion lies in empowering women through fitness, personal development, and overall wellness. She shares her father’s love for running and aspires to complete the Comrades Marathon. Her motto, “don’t stop until you’re proud,” perfectly encapsulates her perfectionist nature. 

Beyond her professional and fitness pursuits, Genevieve is an enthusiastic fan of our office cats, Nala and Scout. You can often find her at her desk, multitasking between her responsibilities and enjoying moments of cuddle time with our feline companions.