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Shoot Solutions

Discover unparalleled shoot locations with us, from sprawling film sets to intimate photo shoots. Explore offices, contemporary homes, lush gardens, timeless residences, and unique dining venues. Have an Amazing Space? Connect with us!

Lifestyle Investments

Our Lifestyle Investments cater to those seeking more than just a property; we provide a tailored experience combining luxurious living with potential income, focusing on exceptional residential properties to meet your lifestyle aspirations.


Founded in the year 2000 by Julia Finnis-Bedford, Amazing Spaces has carved a niche as a vibrant and innovative firm that bridges the gap between global film crews and the unique beauty of South African properties. Driven by Julia’s fervent passion for exceptional locations and luxurious lifestyle investments, the company has flourished, becoming a beacon of excellence in the film and lifestyle sectors for more than twenty years.

At its core, Amazing Spaces is about more than just locations; it’s about creating connections and experiences that inspire and fulfill. With an expansive portfolio that includes everything from secluded beach houses to opulent penthouses, we pride ourselves on offering a diverse array of settings that cater to the sophisticated needs of our clients. Whether it’s facilitating a large film shoot or finding the perfect backdrop for a small still shoot, our team is dedicated to providing an unparalleled service that turns visionary ideas into reality.

Our Lifestyle Investments division emerged from an understanding of our clients’ desires for a service that not only meets their lifestyle demands but also presents viable income opportunities. This bespoke approach to residential property ensures that each investment is as unique and distinguished as our clients themselves.

At Amazing Spaces, our mission is to continue being a leading name in film and lifestyle excellence. We invite you to explore the possibilities with us, where every location tells a story, and every investment opens a door to a lifestyle beyond compare.