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Inside Amazing Spaces: A Glimpse Into Our Inspirational Wynberg Office

At Amazing Spaces, our office is more than just a workspace; it’s a source of inspiration that mirrors the creative spirit of our location scouts and experts. Nestled in the charming suburb of Chelsea Village in Wynberg, our office stands as a beacon of creativity and style, reflecting the essence of our location expertise.

Historical Charm and Architectural Beauty

Housed in a 19th-century original military courthouse, one of the oldest buildings in Chelsea Village, our office is steeped in history. The architectural splendour is evident in its thick walls, original Oregon pine floors, and an inviting fireplace, exuding a sense of time-honoured elegance. Chelsea Village itself, with its Victorian architecture and tree-lined streets, resembles a quaint English village and is dotted with unique interior design shops, adding to the area’s artistic ambiance.

Lighting and Atmosphere

The abundance of natural light plays a pivotal role in the office’s atmosphere. With open ceilings featuring dormer windows and double aspect windows, sunshine streams in throughout the day. This, combined with the white interior, contributes to an ambiance that is both uplifting and calming, ideal for fostering creativity and innovative thinking.

Aesthetic and Design

Our office boasts a 120 square meter open-plan, loft-style layout that is both airy and modern. The predominantly white colour scheme, complemented by wood accents and an array of hanging plants, creates a serene and uplifting environment. A distinctive feature of our office is the hanging swing, centrally placed, which not only adds a whimsical touch but has also been the backdrop for several fashion shoots, admired for its unique charm.

Location and Accessibility

Located just 20 minutes from Cape Town’s CBD, our office is conveniently accessible while still offering the tranquillity of a suburban setting. Proximity to Maynardville Park, with its picturesque lake, picnic areas, and abundant greenery, offers a refreshing escape. Additionally, the nearby Four and Twenty Café, famous for its delectable cakes and savoury delights, is a favourite local haunt.