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At Amazing Spaces, we pride ourselves on providing some of the most diverse and visually stunning locations for film and photoshoots. From the lush landscapes of Cape Town to the historic elegance of our properties, our recent projects highlight why South Africa is a premier destination for global productions. Here’s a glimpse into our recent work, featuring some iconic locations and the exciting projects they have hosted.

The Versatile Shoot Locations of Amazing Spaces

Davido and Fave Shine in ‘KANTE’ Music Video at Intaba


Davido, the globally renowned Afrobeats icon, teamed up with Fave to create the music video for “KANTE.” Filmed partly at Intaba in Cape Town, this location offered a picturesque backdrop that perfectly complemented the vibrant energy of the song. With its lush landscapes and stunning views, Intaba showcased why Cape Town is an ideal filming destination. Read more about the shoot.


Perrie’s ‘Forget About Us’ Music Video at Westbury Lodge


Perrie Edwards, known from her time with Little Mix, launched her solo career with the poignant single “Forget About Us.” The music video, shot at Westbury Lodge, utilized the location’s serene environment to reflect the song’s emotional depth. This shoot highlights the versatility of Cape Town’s locations, capable of transforming to meet various artistic visions. Discover the details.


Cape Town: A World in One City for Global Film Productions


Cape Town’s ability to mimic almost any location in the world makes it a preferred choice for filmmakers. From urban settings to natural landscapes, the city provides diverse backdrops that can represent numerous international locales. This was beautifully illustrated in the Subway Canada commercial, showcasing how Cape Town’s scenic versatility enhances global advertising campaigns. Explore the full article.


Volkswagen Touareg Photoshoot at Green Acre


Renowned photographer Uwe Duettmann captured the essence of the new Volkswagen Touareg at Green Acre, produced by Cape Town Productions. This idyllic location in Bishops Court offered a perfect setting with its expansive green lawns and elegant wooden deck. Green Acre’s charm added a sophisticated touch to the photoshoot, demonstrating the locale’s potential for high-end commercial work. See behind the scenes.


One Piece: Netflix Filmed at Orion


Netflix’s “One Piece” series utilized the timeless elegance of Orion as a pivotal location. With its grand architecture and versatile interiors, Orion provided a seamless backdrop for the dynamic narrative of the show. This location’s ability to transform and adapt to various scenes underscores its value in both film and photography projects. Watch the preview here.


Trevor Noah’s Tourism Video at Luna in Camps Bay


In a promotional video showcasing the beauty of South Africa, Trevor Noah highlighted Luna in Camps Bay. This stunning modern home offers breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding mountains. Luna’s unique blend of natural beauty and modern design makes it an exceptional location for both film and photo projects. Discover Luna’s allure.



The recent projects at Amazing Spaces locations underscore the incredible diversity and beauty of South Africa, particularly Cape Town. From music videos to commercials and film series, our locations provide the perfect backdrop for a wide range of creative endeavors. Moreover, these projects illustrate the potential for property owners to earn additional income in an exciting and fulfilling way by having their properties featured as “amazing spaces.”

At Amazing Spaces, we are committed to bringing your creative visions to life with the perfect locations. Whether you’re a filmmaker, photographer, or a homeowner with a unique property, we invite you to explore the possibilities with us. Let our team guide you in discovering the ideal setting for your next project, ensuring that every shoot is extraordinary.

For more information on how to feature your property or to find the perfect location for your next shoot, connect with us.