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In the world of photography, the right location is not just a backdrop; it’s a character that enhances the narrative of the image. We at Amazing Spaces, a leader in location representation, unveil our top ten stills locations for 2023, each offering a unique story and aesthetic appeal. From lush gardens to modern architectural marvels, these locations dominated the photographic scene last year. 


  1. Park House: A Photographer’s Dream Garden

Park House https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/park-house  stands out with its expansive garden, blending lush lawns and vibrant plants. Its standout feature, a majestic tree housing a quaint treehouse, offers a whimsical touch that captivates clients. 


  1. Apollo: An Ibiza Vibe in Cape Town

Apollo’s https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/apollo  all-white aesthetic and striking pool area transport you straight to Ibiza. Its uniqueness in Cape Town makes it a sought-after location for shoots that require a blend of elegance and relaxation. 


  1. Ken Heights: Recreating International Landscapes

With its forest, dam, and panoramic views, Ken Heights https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/ken-heights  is a chameleon of locations. It allows clients to mimic the scenic beauty of Canada or Europe, a favourite amongst international clientele. 


  1. The Midden Cottage: Modern Elegance with Breathtaking Views

Nestled in Upper Constantia, The Midden Cottage https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/the-midden-cottage  is a contemporary marvel offering open views across the majestic Table Mountains and the sparkling waters of False Bay. This modern villa stands out with its extensive light, creating a bright and airy atmosphere ideal for photography. Its wooden floors add warmth and elegance, while the impressive height of the rooms provides a sense of grandeur. The Midden Cottage encapsulates all the essential elements for a stunning backdrop, making it a favoured choice for those seeking a blend of modern sophistication and natural beauty in their shoots.

  1. Strawberries & Cream: Homely Elegance

 Evoking the charm of Martha’s Vineyard, Strawberries & Cream https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/strawberries-and-cream  combines stylish yet comfortable décor with gorgeous architecture, creating a sense of warmth and familiarity perfect for lifestyle shoots. 


  1. The Modernist: A Testament to Creative Brilliance

Owned by a renowned design magazine editor, The Modernist https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/the-modernist  is a beacon of creativity and style. Its unique and refined décor makes it a favourite for shoots that require a touch of artistic flair. 


  1. Green Acre: The Epitome of Light and Space

Green Acre https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/green-acre  is celebrated for its incredible light, clean lines, and uncluttered rooms. The moody colours of the space provide a versatile setting for a variety of photographic themes. 


  1. Chere Botha: Architectural Masterpiece with a Cause

Designed by Wolff Architects, Chere Botha https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/chere-botha  is more than just a location; it’s a narrative of purpose. This school stands as a testament to thoughtful design, with proceeds supporting a noble cause. 


  1. Newport: A Blend of Space and Aesthetic

Newport https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/newport  offers ample space, breathtaking views, high ceilings, and an array of curated wooden Bali pieces. It’s a favourite for its ability to combine practicality with visual appeal. 


  1. Chrysalis: Neutral Elegance

Chrysalis https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/chrysalis , with its popular oak floors, provides a neutral canvas that is highly sought after. Its American home feel is perfect for clients looking for a subtle yet sophisticated backdrop. 


 Groovy Chroma: The Rising Star 

 While not in the top ten, Groovy Chroma https://amazingspaceslocations.co.za/location/groovy-chroma  is a location to watch. Its unsuspecting charm, characterized by vibrant colours and modest, cool curves, speaks to the emerging Gen Z trend of textures, colour, and a blend of old-world and modern styles. 


These locations share a common thread: their ability to portray clear, internationally appealing styles. In 2023, the trend leans towards Gen Z preferences – locations that offer textures, Instagram-worthy spots, and a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements.  


Choosing the right location is crucial as it sets the scene, mood, and complements the story being told. In fashion shoots, for example, the location can enhance the appeal of the clothing, much like how a striking location in a film can captivate an audience. Practical considerations like parking, space, and neighbourhood dynamics are also pivotal in selecting the perfect location. 


In summary, the top stills locations for 2023 by Amazing Spaces are more than just settings; they are integral elements that bring a photoshoot to life. Their diversity, intrinsic style, and adaptability make them stand out in the world of photography, ready to tell new stories through the lens of talented photographers.